30 Days In: My Unbiased Pebblely Review! (Why I Used it For My Brand?)

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Looking for an honest Pebblely review from a person who has actually tried it?

I’ve spent the past 30 days trying and testing Pebblely for my own eCommerce brand.

Here’s your quick guide to everything I learnt.


Pebblely offers the best value for your money when it comes to creating product photos.

It’s easy to use the image generated is high quality and even has API access for more serious users.

The user interface is easy to navigate without tutorials. Supprt is helpful.

And I love the founders behind the software.

If you have an eCommerce brand, I would recommend this product to you.

  • There’s 2 generation modes: Generate & Generate+. Generate creates faster images but Generate+ creates better quality images.
  • The outputs are really consistent and detailed.
  • It is mobile friendly. (You can take pictures on your phone and upload it directly to the website).
  • The product blends well with the background.
  • It will add shadows, mirror effects and great lighting.
  • You can choose how many images you want to generate at a single generation.
  • You can add multiple product photos in the same generation.
  • You can create custom canvas size.
  • You can generate product photos from 19 different pre-made scenery.
  • You can also generate images with your own custom prompt & upload a reference image.
  • You can edit an output image (erase unwanted parts, restore areas).
  • You can access a library of inspirations.
  • It can take a lot of prompts & tries to get the look you want.
  • Limited pre-made scenery.
  • Human models don’t work well.
  • When you upload multiple assets, you can’t delete the assets.
  • No feedback system.
  • When you resize an image, it doesn’t fill up the empty space it creates.
  • The AI creates slides in under a minute (7-8 in total)
  • Slides created are professionally designed and easy to edit. It gets the context and main idea of the slide correct.
  • You will spend more time trying to correct the points and copywriting. (The AI only creates a skeleton design.)
  • It doesn’t work with lots of data. When I tried inputting the 2nd prompt, it ignored the data and created generic slides instead.
  • There’s no variety in the AI designs. It repeats the same design styles.
  • It has 4 different pricing plans.
  • Limited free plan.
  • No refund policies.
  • Clean & minimalist.
  • You have a library of images you generated (you can even filter it by products)
  • The editing dashboard is easy to use. You can erase unwanted sections or restore desired sections.
  • It works great on a mobile device. You can edit everything without needing a laptop.
  • It’s not as clean as some of the other AI product photo generators I’ve reviewed.
  • They have 115 built-in themes.
  • You can create your own templates and share it with your team.
  • Templates are mostly pitch decks and marketing plan themes.
  • If you use the templates, you cannot use its AI feature except the AI rewriter.
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My Honest Pebblely Review

Pebblely is software that uses Generative Artificial Intelligence to create product images.

Last month, I tested out 26 different AI tools for product photos.

I found that Pebblely offers the best value:

  • Beautiful product photos
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Most feature-packed tool on the list
  • Easy to use
  • Consistent results

The co-founders are extremely friendly and helpful.

The Pebblely team frequently updates the tool.

You can access their community (Slack).

pebblely slack channel

But it does have some limitations.

  • The reference image doesn’t work all the time. When you upload a reference image, it sometimes ignore it. Which leads to inconsistent results.
  • It doesn’t work well with underexposed images
  • You can’t train the AI on your products
  • I wished it had more templates – Flair.ai can even include template assets.
  • Resizing an image doesn’t automatically fill in the empty spaces.
  • Human models don’t work well – even if you upload it as an asset.
  • No feedback system.
  • Limited free plan.
  • No refund policies.

How Much Does Pebblely Costs?

Pebblely is one of the more affordable AI product image generators in the market right now.

Free$ 0/month– 40 images per month
– 1024 x 1024 image resolution
– 20 background themes
Pebblely$19/month or $179/year– 1000 credits per month
– Custom image resolution (until 2048×2048)
– Custom photo themes & settings
– Post-generation editing
Pebblely Pro$39/month or $379/year– Everything in Pebblely package
– Unlimited credits per month
Pebblely BespokeStarting from $3000– Custom AI
Note: The Pebblely and Pro packages differ only in credit amount.

How do you create product photos with Pebblely?

It follows a simple process.

1. Take a picture using your phone.

(I’m using my phone for this).

pebblely review mobile view

2. Upload it to Pebblely.

Pebblely will remove the background automatically for you.

uploading an image to pebblely via mobile

3. Choose your background options.

You can either:

  • Choose a template in their library
  • Custom prompt (You can add a reference image & negative prompts)
  • Look at examples
pebblely template library and manual prompt

Can I edit & resize photos with Pebblely?

Yes, you can.

Once you generate your high-quality image, you can either edit it or resize.

pebblely generated mct oil image

When you resize an image, it creates a negative space.

You can pull the image to make sure it fills up the negative space.

pebblely resizing an image

When you edit an image, you have the option to:

  • Erase – remove unwanted parts in the image generated.
  • Restore – restore the removed parts.
erasing parts of image in pebblely

Can I upload multiple products with Pebblely?

Yes, you can.

In Pebblely, your uploaded images are in the Assets folder.

You can choose which assets you want to import onto the canvas.

pebblely layers

You can also change the order of the layers.

How does the credit system work in Pebblely?

Each image generation costs 1 credit.

Credits are not deducted if you remove backgrounds.

How is Pebblely’s support?

I haven’t needed help from their support yet.

But here’s my observations based on their conversations with other customers:

  • positive responses
  • around 1-day response (or less) from the founder
pebblely support on salck

How does Pebblely compare with other tools?

I tested 26 different AI product photo softwares a month before choosing Pebblely.

I looked at:

  • Value – Is the product overpriced or under priced?
  • Quality – Does the output image deliver crisp, realistic images consistently?
  • Ease of use – I don’t want to have to spend hours watching tutorials.
  • Reviews – How do other users like the tool?
  • Founders – Are they committed to the long term growth of the tool?
  • User Interface – How easy is it to use the software?
  • Terms and conditions – do I own the product photos I generate?

It definitely wasn’t the cheapest – that would be Flair.ai.

It also didn’t have the best user interface – to me, that would be Magic Studio.

I felt that Pebblely is the best all-rounder AI product photo tool.

You can use it straight from your phone.

The pricing is affordable (the Pebblely Package).

And you get great, consistent AI generated images.


Whether you are:

  • On a tight budget
  • Need marketing-ready photos ASAP
  • or want to explore different photoshoot ideas & themes quickly

Pebblely is a great choice for creating AI product photos for your brand.

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